Are you an entrepreneur, a businessman, and an employer? Do you conclude project contracts, or do you want to invest in a company, or legally clarify your relationship with a business partner? Or perhaps you want to structure and tidy up your assets and pass on your estate in an orderly and proper manner?

Whether in a private or business context: we, the lawyers and notaries of S2H, are always there for you. As an entrepreneur, you appreciate direct and confidential action. This is exactly the approach we take in assisting you as lawyers and notaries. We are specialists in economic and legal issues, and we deal with them in depth, every day. You, our client, are our first priority.

If you value decisiveness, or need to settle an urgent matter over the weekend, or simply require a quick piece of accurate advice: our mobile phone numbers are not off limits for you. Enterprises and entrepreneurs require short routes and immediate and efficient, professional advice. Thanks to our decades of experience in this environment, we speak your language, and we approach your issues with empathy and authenticity. We, like you, are adept at using modern communication channels, we generate solutions which are sustainable and future-oriented, and we anticipate your thoughts as a responsible entrepreneur. Your interests and your emotional situation are just as important to us. Let our services speak for themselves and convince you of our competence.


3 partners, 5 lawyers, 2 of them notaries —and extensive expertise

Although S2H is a young law firm, it offers many years’ experience. You may ask yourself - how is that possible? We are a well-coordinated team of 5 lawyers and notaries, some of which have been working together for 20 years, and have now established a new company —a law firm that sets itself a special, high standard.

Our standard: Provide consistent services in an economic manner

We take care of our advisory mandates and notarial matters with a view to entrepreneurial, economic issues in the fields of law and taxes, always taking our clients’ needs into account. Our highly qualified staff and our well-established network ensure that we will find the correct answer to every legal question. Perhaps our next client will be you!

Hermann Ströver

Hermann Ströver has been working as a lawyer since 1985 and as a notary since 2001. As a notary, he has advised many investment companies, overseen numerous company acquisitions and sales, and assisted in company restructurings.

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Eckhard Strohkirch

Eckhard Strohkirch has been working as a lawyer since 1993 and as a notary since 2009. In addition to his notarial activities, he advises companies in the fields of commercial and corporate law and with company acquisitions. As a trial lawyer, he is regularly mandated in major lawsuits.

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Dr. Alexander Hardt

Dr. Alexander Hardt has been a lawyer in Bremen since 1995. As a lawyer specialising in commercial and corporate law, he provides advice on company acquisitions, international project contracts and shareholder disputes, among other things.

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Dr. Jan Witter

Dr. Jan Witter’s advisory services focus on assisting enterprises with each and every matter of labour law, in particular where they intersect with commercial and corporate law.

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Michael Nitschke

Michael Nitschke specialises in commercial and corporate law and in intellectual property rights and sports law.

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key points

The lawyers and notaries of S2H provide advice regarding your corporate issues and your private matters. Together with you and - if required - your tax consultant or auditor, we develop feasible solutions and find the answers to your legal questions. Our key advisory areas:


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